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Edgbaston Cricket Ground

I rushed home from work in time to get my usual lift to Moseley only to be told that, today, Sue was in a meeting at Edgbaston Cricket Ground. The ground was greatly redeveloped in 2011 and can seat twenty five thousand people making it the second largest cricket ground in the UK, after Lords, in that there London.

Anyway, all this meant that I’d be starting from a slightly different location. I left Sue and headed for the Pershore Road towards the city centre where I walked up a very quiet Hurst Street to the market area.

Eastside City Park and Curzon Street

I walked past the distinctive Selfridges store, Moor Street Station and off towards the Eastside City Park. This green oasis was opened in 2012 and leads from the city centre towards Millenium Point, home of the Thinktank museum, passing the remains of Curzon Street Station; the original Birmingham railway station.

My route continued over the noisy Lawley street, through Bordesley, Stetchford and onto the Cole cycle and walking path. 

Back on familiar ground, I followed the river to Kingshurst walking through Yorkswood. I stopped my GPS outside of a Greggs shop not far from home where I treated myself to a veggie slice, before heading home and my bed. Another eleven and a bit miles.

The Joy of Socks

As it was forecast to rain today, I thought that I’d try out the Goretex lining of my new shoes. I put on a pair of thick walking socks and then the Solomon GTXs. It did actually rain and I didn’t try to avoid the many puddles but I had lovely dry feet when I got home. Better still the heel was fine 🙂

From now on, I’ll be wearing thick socks and my GTXs and we’ll see how that pans out.

I’ve got my last night tonight then four days off before four day shifts next week. I’ve walked twenty seven miles so far this week and am looking at another twenty or so before the weekend.

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