What time of day is it ?

Yesterday, I was on an day shift, finishing at 19:00hrs. Today I’m on a night shift, starting at 19:00hrs. Sometime today, I need to get some Zzzzz ready for my nights.

I got a lift to Moseley with my other half and took a slightly longer than usual walk back staying on the River Cole through Chelmsley Wood, clocking up eleven and a half miles. 

What time of day IS it ?

Back home, I cleaned myself up and hit the sack. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much shut-eye as I’d have liked but this is usual at the start of a stint of nights; it’s the transition between normal and nights that screws me up. It’s a similar situation after nights when I need to get back to normal ( or as normal as it gets ). I’ll usually sleep for three or four hours so that I’m still tired enough for bed when the evening comes.


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