A Four Letter Word…

… work !

Whilst I was out on Wednesday afternoon, I was called from work and asked if I’d like to do a day’s overtime on the following day. I didn’t have anything planned so I said yes. So that was four day shifts to do, followed by three nights.

As I’ve mentioned before, my shifts play havoc with my walking plans. This is how the different shifts work out…

  • Days Off – No problem
  • Nights – I can usually squeeze in a walk after work as I haven’t got to get home straight away. A couple of hours or so still leaves me with enough time for a few hours kip.
  • Days – This is the problem. Having to get to work by 07:00 and it being about forty five minutes away, I’d have to be up before 05:00 just to get a four miler in. Adding showering and breakfast, I’d really need to be up before 04:30 ! At the other end of the day, I finish at 19:00 getting home by around 19:45. Having to get a meal in and unwind before bed doesn’t leave me with a lot of time for walkies.

So, with four earlies, I didn’t manage to get any walking in at all.


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