Soggy Sunday

Autumnal Lock

Back to normal after my week away. Nights Sat and Sun.

Finished in Redditch at 07:00 and made my way to nearby Hockley Heath for a short walk along the canal. 

At Hockley Heath, I usually park-up by the park but this morning the gates were still locked ( perhaps the gatekeeper gets a lie-in on a Sunday? ) so parked outside the shops on the main street. A short walk through the Wharf Tavern’s car park put me on the canal.

There was a light drizzle when I started which got steadily heavier and as I wasn’t fully prepared for wet weather ( no waterproof bags for the phone, iPhone etc. ) I decided to curtail my planned seven miler down to a more sensible five.

For very wet weather, I’ll bag everything in the rucksack up in separate bags ( the rucksack is probably, at best, showerproof. ) My iPhone will be tucked into a waterproof bag in my trouser pocket.

Pretty (wet) cottage

I continued along the Stratford canal to just shy of Kingswood Junction where it connects with the Grand Union. The Garmin read 5.10 miles so it was about turn

Although rather damp the rain brought out the autumnal browns and reds. An electric blue flash of a kingfisher was an added bonus.

Five and a bit miles or seventy six minutes later, I arrived back at the car. Engine started and the heater blowing on my wet legs ensured that I didn’t get cold on the short journey home.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to go into work with the other half and walk home from there – something around ten miles.

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