On Manoeuvres

Halt. Who goes there ?

Following on from last night’s abortive attempt to walk around Thorney Island, I called the army camp at lunchtime to check that I’d be able to enter the restricted zone after work and was told that it wouldn’t be a problem. “Just use the intercom”, I was told.

Finishing the course around 17:00, I went back to the car and quickly got changed before heading for the coast. From Emsworth, a footpath passed between some houses and out past the mill pond passing some expensive looking boats in Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

The path then followed the harbour wall arriving at a security gate after half a mile or so. As instructed, I pressed the intercom button and the gate was unlocked without a word. I shouted a “thank you” at the box as I stepped through and into restricted space.

Behave !

The path was easily followed around the edge of the island with a mixture of terrain including concrete, shingle ( hard to walk on ) and sand ( very hard to walk on ).

After some four and a half miles I found myself at the East Security gate which unlocked after pressing the intercom. There was a tall mast just before the gate so I assume that I was spotted on CCTV. I was half expecting soldiers wearing night view goggles to leap out and apprehend me but it was all very unexciting. 

From what I could see, I’m guessing that this walk would be very pleasant in daylight. It is  part of the Chichester Harbour AONB and is popular with bird watchers.

After leaving the island, I made my way back to Emsworth via Thornham marina. 

Back at the car to change shoes, pick up some cash and head for the chinese for tea.

The forecast is not good for tomorrow so I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow night.


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