Halt, Who goes there ?

First day of my course on Thermographic Imaging and hours of learning about heat, conduction, convection, radiation and emissivity. Lunch was provided and a very nice cheesy baguette it was.

We wrapped up around 16:30 while it was still light. I grabbed some provisions on the way back to the car. Back to the B&B where I quickly changed into walking attire to catch the last of the daylight.

Tonight’s Route

I had no overall plan so headed off to the next settlement which happened to be Westbourne then on to Southbourne. From Southbourne, I crossed the A27 and entered the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ( not that I could see much of it ).

Looking at the map on my GPS I spotted a public footpath encircling Thorney Island ( although it hasn’t been a proper island since land reclamation in 1870. ) I decided to follow the coastal path around the island and set off down it’s eastern flank.

Shortly after crossing The Great Deep ( a waterway cutting across the island ) I was confronted with security gates, an intercom and signs warning of razor wire and prosecution. Even though my OS map showed a public right of way, I decided to turn back and try a different route.

Halt !

After googling Thorney Island back at the B&B, I have discovered that all I had to do was press the intercom button, give my name and the gates would have been remotely opened. I may try this tomorrow. If I don’t blog tomorrow, I may have been arrested ( or worse! )

Backtracking a little I followed another path towards Emsworth which after many twists and turns deposited me outside my course venue. 

The way back from here was fairly familiar to me by now and after another couple of miles I was back at base. Nearly eight and a half miles clocked up. Not very quick as I stopped a few times to take some photos and look at the multitude of stars that could be seen away from city lights.

Ouch !!!

I was in my new shoes again tonight and, again, they got the better of me. I’m sure it’s just a case of us getting used to each other; until then there’s always Compeed !


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