This ain’t Bassetlaw

The plan for today was that I’d be walking the 3rd Bassetlaw Bash north of Nottingham. However, life happens and I am going to work for a few hours ( they can’t manage without me! ) but I still need to get a walk in. After work, I’ll be spending some quality time with the other half so there was nothing for it – another early start.

It’s dark out there

How early? The alarm started buzzing at 03:30 ( that’s like half three in the morning ) and I resisted the urge to roll over. I was out of the front door, GPS watch started and striding majestically down the road by 03:45. I needed to do a bit more than the four milers I’ve done earlier in the week so opted for my old 10k running route to Coleshill and back.

The first mile and a half was along a well lit cycleway before leaving the bright lights and walking by the light of the stars. Actually, the stars aren’t all that bright so on went the head-torch. The stars were out and being a clear night I could make out The Plough ( Ursa Minor ), Orion but couldn’t see Uranus!!!

Arriving at Coleshill, I made a slight diversion through Cole End Nature Centre before rejoining the 10k route ( which would now be nearer 11k ).

Through Gilson then alongside the motorway ( with it’s yellow, sodium lights ) then through Water Orton ( torch back on ) up the hill to cross a couple of motorways and back home.
A quick tidy up, breakfast and off to Redditch for a seven o’clock start. Phew !

Go Outdoors have a sale

After a bite of lunch, back home after work, it was off to Great Outdoors to have a look

Salomon X Ultra

at some new footwear. As I’ve said before my number one choice isn’t available so after a bit of t’internet research, I’d narrowed it down to Salomon’s X Ultra trail shoes which Go Outdoors had in stock. And, they had a sale on !

I tried a couple of sizes before settling on the nine and a halves. The nines were just a bit snug and after many miles, once my feet have warmed and expanded, could well be too tight. Let’s hope that I’ve made the right decision.

This is probably the most expensive shoes that I’ve ever bought so let’s hope that the Goretex, Quick Laces and all the other techie bits are worth it.


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