To Rotherham

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Day off from work.

Had some bits and pieces to attend to earlier but all was done by one o’clock so after another check through, I threw my stuff into the car and headed for the M42.

The M42 and A42 were busy but moving freely. The M1 was a different matter. Roadwork by Nottingham and again for about ten miles before Rotherham slowed down the proceedings somewhat but it wasn’t too bad – at least I had Radcliffe and Maconie to entertain me.


I arrived at the hotel around four and as I had already booked, and paid, I was soon installed in room 344.

Still feeling some effects of the night shifts, I had a little snooze or was it a power nap?

Refreshed, I went for a little stroll, discovering a newly built group of shops including chippy, Subway, Dominos and a Spar. I purchased some bits for tomorrow from Spar then treated myself to a very tasty pizza ( must specify no chillies next time! )

Back to the hotel where I watched some tele before retiring; alarm set for 04:00 !

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