Easy Walk Home

Managed to whizz home from work in time to cadge a lift to Moseley with Sue.

With my fifty miler on Saturday, I didn’t want to overtax myself today so deliberately walked slower than normal; at about 14:30 pace.

Nothing exciting – no rain and quite mild ( around 11 degrees ).

I’ll be looking for these

No more walks ( or runs ) now until Saturday morning at 06:00 when I shall set off with another one hundred and forty plus walkers for the fifty mile walk around Rotherham.

I did this last year, completing the course in 13:20:13 and am looking for a similar time on Saturday.

I’ll be driving up on Friday afternoon and staying at the Holiday Inn which is only a couple of miles from the start. After the event, once I’ve recovered, I’ll be driving back home to Birmingham.

The Route


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