Two Mile RUN !!!

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Today’s Endomondo Entry

First of three nights and I was planning on a short run afterwards. However, it was a busy night and as day was dawning, I was ready to talk myself out of the run.

Amazingly, though, as the shift neared it’s end I got over my tiredness and starting looking forward to a wee jog.

I finally left work at 08:00 and drove through Knowle parking up along the canal just off Hampton Road. It was drizzling but I quite enjoy running in the rain, so off I set.

Nothing adventurous, just enough to re-educate the legs in the art of running. A mile towards Catherine-de-Barnes just happened to coincide with passing under the M42 so that seemed a good place to turn around.

A gentle trot back to whence I came followed by a bit of a walking cool down before heading home.

Two miles done at 9:42 pace.

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