New Hall Valley

A Foggy Start

It was a foggy start when I stepped out of the front door and started the Garmin. The plan was for a gentle longish walk.

I cut through the houses then along the outskirts of Parkfields, Castle Bromwich Hall and Bromford finally coming to Pype Hayes Park.

From here, I followed Plants Brook ( a short waterway which starts in the nearby Sutton Park and ends in the Plants Brook Nature reserve near Pype Hayes Park) around the edge of the park before picking up the New Hall Valley path towards Sutton Coldfield.

Plants Brook

When the path ran out, it was a right turn and up the hill, past what used to be The Reddicap Tavern and is now a chinese restaurant and through the Falcon Lodge estate emerging back in the countryside.

Ox Leys Lane was followed carefully as there is no pavement and too many drivers are reluctant to give you space. A ton of metal passing you at forty plus miles an hour keeps you alert.

After a mile and a half of dodging cars ( and the odd tractor with driver on mobile phone !!! ) I turned onto the quieter Grove Lane which became Curdworth Lane. A mile or so later, I was back on the relative safety of a proper footpath through the village of Curdworth.

The other side of the village, over the M42 ( using a bridge! ) and through Hams Hall industrial park finally emerging at Coleshill Parkway railway station. Checking the GPS, I discovered that my pace was a lot quicker than planned but I felt alright so carried on. I was walking at an average of just over 13 min/mile.

The Route

A short, familiar section through Water Orton, over the M42 ( again ) and the M6 ( technically, again although earlier I crossed under it ) and a short excursion to make the milage up to 17 found me outside my front door. Remembering to stop the Garmin, the walk was over.

Looking at the Garmin, the figures were…

17.19 miles
12’53” per mile
4.7 mph

I had pushed it a bit towards the end as I approached 13′ pacing but felt good. After some carbo, a few glasses of water and a shower, I felt right as rain.

Weekly total = 70 miles – that’s more like it 🙂


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