Moseley – Minworth

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After driving the other half into Moseley ( and leaving her with the car ) I set off along Ladypool Road, through Farm Park and onto the Grand Union canal, turning left and heading for the city centre. 

At Bordesley Junction, I took the right hand branch to Salford Junction ( better known to car drivers as Spaghetti Junction ) via Bordesley, Saltley and Nechells.

Right again under Spaghetti and onto the Birmingham & Fazeley canal. I was delighted to see new tarmac along this section almost as far as Bromford Lane. Further along I passed two working parties who were laying new tarmac so it looks as though this whole section could, soon, be sporting a new surface to replace the ruts and puddles of old.

Just past The Tyburn, the promised rain started, first as a fine drizzle but by the time I’d got to Castle Vale, it was hammering down.

Along the edge of The Vale, through an industrial park and I was on the Water Orton Road. At the Packhorse Bride an impatient car driver tried to drive across as I was walking across. I was seconds from the end but she couldn’t wait and just drove at me. I may have made contact with her wing mirror !!!

Through Water Orton, up the short hill on Attleboro Lane, over the motorways and I was home.

Exactly twelve point five miles in 2:45:52 average speed of 4.5 mph (13:15 per mile).

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