Soggy Stroll

Last of four night shifts out of the way 🙂

Rushed home to cadge a lift, with Sue, to Moseley. A bit of a catch up of recent events on the drive in before departing company: Sue to work, Kev to walk.

It had started raining in the wee hours and showed no signs of abating when I pressed the start button on my Garmin and took my first step. I followed my ‘usual’ route along the River Cole getting gradually wetter until I was saturated. I was travelling light so it was just me that got wet – my iPhone was safely stowed in it’s waterproof bag stuffed into a trouser pocket.

The news and then some tunes took my mind off the worst of the weather which now, as well as the rain, included wind. 

People say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. My clothes were soaked but warm which I can live with. I tend to shy away from waterproofs as I would probably get as wet from sweating as I would from the elements so the top half of was covered by a technical base and fleece jumper with standard walking trousers on the lower portion. Gloves and a hat made from a Buff completed the ensemble. 

I neglected to mention footwear which today was a pair of Nike running shoes which I have used for my last few walks. Today, I did experience some shin splint type aches so I’ll try different footwear tomorrow when I am planning on walking eighteen miles up and down the Malverns.


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