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Another post-nightshift stroll, this time around Coleshill in Warwickshire.

I drove from Redditch, along the M42, with a beautiful red sky on my right, to Coleshill parking up in Morrison’s car park just as a light drizzle descended. I slipped my iPhone into it’s waterproof bag, locked the car and set off into the rain with Radio Four’s Today programme in my ears.

I had an easy start going downhill to the River Cole before ascending the high street for the first time. A U-turn through the churchyard brought me to the B4114. Turning right then later left had me heading towards Whitacre Heath. Just after crossing the railway, I took a path across a damp field then a road through Hams Hall and finally to Coleshill Parkway.

Walking to the main road ( A446 ), a right turn presented me with another ascent, a short drop back to the Cole before climbing up high street for the second time and back to the car.

After a  soggy walk of around six miles and a few short hills under my belt I was back where I started outside Morrisons with breakfast on my mind. A few minutes later I was in possession of crumpets heading for home.

A rest day tomorrow then a walk back from Moseley on Monday.

The Malvern hills are pencilled in for Tuesday. Unfortunately, so is the rain ! 

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