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After a twelve hour night shift, I parked up in Catherine-de-Barnes on the way home for a stroll.

Today’s route

Hoping to return along the Grand Union canal, I headed out through the trees and across the fields to Damsonwood where I followed the road around to Elmdon Park, passing the massive Land Rover works ( for the first time ). Through Elmdon Park and along a path which skirted more of Land Rover before emerging on to Lode Lane. Turning left, I was back on the canal after a couple of hundred metres, leaving the noise of the morning commuters behind.
The canal was followed back to Catherine-de-Barnes making a total of six miles, completed in eighty minutes. 
Again, rather slow to start but once into my stride, I was flying.

How the miles flew by…

Drove home, cleaned up and off to bed.

Back on tonight and hoping for a couple of hours or so tomorrow morning before heading for the land of nod.

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