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Island Life

Langstone Bridge No proper walk yesterday although did cover a few miles whilst out geocaching ( what is geocaching? )After…

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On Manoeuvres

Halt. Who goes there ? Following on from last night’s abortive attempt to walk around Thorney Island, I called the…

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Halt, Who goes there ?

First day of my course on Thermographic Imaging and hours of learning about heat, conduction, convection, radiation and emissivity. Lunch…

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Training, Trains and Training

A busy day today.Up early again ( but not that early ’cause the clocks went back last night ) for…

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This ain’t Bassetlaw

The plan for today was that I’d be walking the 3rd Bassetlaw Bash north of Nottingham. However, life happens and…

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The Early Bird…

It’s the middle of the night !!! Another early rising found me pounding the streets ( technically a cycle path…

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So Early

NOT the M6 I won’t have time for a walk tonight so had to rise early-doors and get a walk…

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After Work Quickie

Tonight’s windy walk Finished work at 19:00hrs and drove to Coleshill which is sort of on the way home. Parked…

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… and two seconds !

The preliminary results are in ( link ) and as can be seen below, I’ve been given a time of…

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So early Was rudely awoken by the alarm at 04:00. Showered and started to feel awake.Looking out of the window,…