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Now that work has settled down a bit and I have places to store stuff, I can, finally, start walking to and from work. The shortest route is six miles so over the week I can clock up a fair few miles without really trying.

Monday I took the bus to work so that I could make sure that I had the right clothes in place for the rest of the week. I tried the direct route home alongside Hatchfordbrook golf course which was rather soggy in places.

Tuesday, I took a slightly longer ( but much drier ) route of 6.7 miles into work and a shorter, if muddier, route back.

Another variation on Wednesday morning, going through Yorkswood. Quite spooky in the dark with the head torch picking out pairs of what I took to be cat’s eyes in the undergrowth. Evening was an eleven miler along the very busy and noisy A45 before escaping to Packington and passing my old school before arriving at Coleshill. If I need to go east from work, I’ll need to find a better route avoiding the A45 which is not a lot of fun !

I drove into work on Thursday, leaving the car to walk home and then back in on Friday morning via Yorkswood ( this is becoming my preferred route to work ).

So, without really trying, I’ve walked fifty miles either waking up to the news on Radio 4 of de-stressing after work to something on the mp3 player.

Dinner Break

Saturday morning, found me near Holt Fleet in Worcestershire to take part in a group walk with the Heart of England ( HofE ) section of the Long Distance Walkers Association ( LDWA ). The group walk is different from the challenge walks that I have done, so far, in that it is a lead walk with everyone going around as a group. Today, there were fifteen of us ably lead by Dave who was very knowledgable pointing out many points of interest. His supply of Maltesers was also well received 🙂
Unlike the challenge walk, there were no provisions laid on ( apart from the aforementioned Maltesers ) so at about the half-way point, we stopped and out came the sarnies and flasks of tea.

The pace of the walking was gentle taking around seven hours ( including numerous breaks ) to cover the fifteen miles of woodland, field, track and road – oh, and did I mention the mud ?

Heart of England have a number of other group walks lined up and I can see myself taking part in some of these, especially the Solihull Green Man walk next year which passes the bottom of my road.

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