Birmingham Half

I should sub-title this A Glutton for Punishment.

Yesterday, I walked fifty two miles on the Rowbothan’s Round Rotherham (RRR) challenge walk before driving back to Birmingham.

I had booked my place on Bupa Great Run ( Birmingham Half Marathon ) a while ago and long before deciding to do the RRR.

The Route

I woke on Sunday morning feeling no ill effect from up North, I decided that I could take an easy jog around Brum and get my T-shirt and medal ( I could even walk around in around three hours ).

I drove into Birmingham to discover that the on-street parking was free on Sundays and after donning the obligatory bin-bag ( to keep warm and dry before the start ) I walked the short distance to the start area around Centenary Square. There I met a few fellow Centurions ( my running club ) for a chat before lining up for the off. I had not run since July so it came as a bit of a shock to the system to be running through Birmingham amongst thousands of others. 

I planned on taking it easy, around nine minute miling meaning that I’d finish within two hours but didn’t really care if I took longer – as long as I finished.

The course had changed slightly since the last time I’d run it adding a new hill at Selly Park. To conserve my energy ( or preserve my legs ) I walked / run up this and subsequent hills. The rest of the time I trotted along at my planned pace.

(c) Marathon Photos

The big hill in Edgbaston was briskly walked up, overtaking a number of runners before the final few turns and the run along Broad Street to the finish. I crossed the line in 1:57 with which I was well pleased. I picked up my goody bag containing lots of stash, t-shirt ( in a fetching grey ) and medal before finding the car and returning home.

A busy weekend covering two and a half marathons over the two days. In subsequent days, the legs were a little sore, probably being so unaccustomed to the running. Whether I’d overdone it or not, I picked up a cold ( or even worse, Man-Flu ! ) which has forced me to cut back drastically on my training.

Well, I’ve got no more runs planned – it could be said that I’ve retired from my running career. I need to concentrate my training towards next year’s Valley’s 100 so plenty of walking to be done.


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