Rowbothan’s Round Rotherham

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After completing the 100km Thames Path Challenge, I asked myself, “What next?”

Logically ( ? ) the next step up would be a HUNDRED MILE WALK. The Long Distance Walkers’ Association ( LDWA ) hold an annual 100 mile event which will be staged in South Wales in 2014. As a condition of entry to the LDWA event, entrants need to prove that they are capable of completing the 100 miles. There is a list of qualifying events and the last one for this year is the Rowbothan’s Round Rotherham ( RRR ) 50 miler on October 19th.

This event is the day before the Birmingham Half Marathon, which I have entered and will now not be running ( or at least, it’s very unlikely ). 

I have entered the RRR and as it’s organised by a running club, I got my £2 discount for belonging to Centurion Running Club.

So, looking forward I have…

  • 5th October – Where Ravens Dare ( 26M )
  • 19th October – Rowbothan’s Round Rotherham ( 50M )
  • 20th October – Birmingham Half ( 26M – unlikely )
  • 24th May 2014 – Valleys 100 ( 100M )

Better get back into training…

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