Straining at the leash

Six a.m. and I’m sat in my hotel room with a pot of instant porridge writting my final blog before I start the 100km Thames Path Challenge.

The journey yesterday was uneventful, involving a drive down to Henley where I met Carol, the owner of tonight’s B & B who was very helpful showing me my room and giving me a key so that I can sneak in without disturbing anyone.
A short walk brought me to the railway station where I caught the first of five trains for the trip to Putney.

At Putney, in light drizzle and heavy rush-hour, I made my way up the high street and over the bridge before turning into Bishop’s park. Here is from where I’ll be starting in a couple of hours. Amongst the marquees, I found registration and made myself known, receiving maps, bib and event pass.

From here I made my way to my hotel for a relaxing evening punctuated by a mild panic when I noticed a patch of liquid on the floor which had eminated from my camelback after the mouthpiece had become detatched !

So, a couple of hours to go. I’ve put stuff from yesterday which I don’t need on the walk into a bag which will get transported to be waiting for me in Henley.

I’ve got vaseline to apply to varoius body parts ( now there’s an image to ponder over your breakfast ) and after making sure that I’ve got everything I’ll be out and waiting for the 424  bus to Putney Bridge.

The weather forecast is improving so I may be only getting slightly wet.

If anyone wants to track my progress there’s a GPS tracker HERE

If you want to offer encouragement, or even take the P a bit, you can call me on 07 545 545 645.

I’ll post again tomorrow, post event. Until then, to steal a phrase from Mork, ” Nanoo, Nanoo !”


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