Nearly There ( One Day to go )

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Hopefully, I’ve packed all that I need.

I’ve got a bag of stuff to be left in the car at Henley. Everything else is in the rucksack that I’ll be taking on the challenge including a small bag for those things that need transporting from Putney to Henley.

I’ll be off to work, shortly and at midday I’ll head for the M42 for my journey to Henley where I’ll be leaving the car before catching the train for London.

For those wishing to follow my progress on the walk, I’ll be running an app on my phone which will transmit my position every five minutes and can be tracked HERE. By clicking on the pin, you can see all sorts of extra data and there’s even an option to send a message.

I will, of course, have my phone and any calls offering encouragement ( or even slight barracking ) will be greatly appreciated. As they say, call me on 07 545 545 645.

So far, I’ve raised £605 for macmillan cancer support. Thank you if you are one of those who have contributed. If you haven’t, yet, donated, it can be done in a number of ways, but preferably by one of these methods…

Not much more to do apart from walking 100km. Hopefully, there’ll be another post tomorrow morning and on Sunday.

I will be in The Griffin on Sunday around 7pm for a celebratory pint if anyone cares to join me.

Now, have I got everything ?

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