Two days to go

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Just under two days to go until I set off from Putney Bridge and head west ( actually, I’ll be heading wards every point of the compass during the walk, such is the windings of The Thames ).

Tonight, I need to get everything sorted and packed up. Batteries are on charge and all my various leads are laid out on the bed ready for stashing away.

I need to seperate my gear, roughly, into three piles…

Stuff needed on the walk
Stuff needed for Friday and to be sent on to the finish
Stuff to be left in the car for Saturdy night / Sunday

Of course, some items will need to go into more than one ‘pile’ so I’ll need to remember to hold onto these things; the phone is an example.

I’ve had a couple of donations yesterday, one from a couple we’re on nodding terms with at The griffin – cheers guys. I’m hoping to go to said pub on Sunday night but for once, I won’t be walking there !

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