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New Phone / Old Phone

I’m back home in Brum after a very restful break in North Wales. Not a great deal of walking done but some quality time spent with my other half, relaxing and taking it easy.

It would have been more relaxing if the iPhone hadn’t played up. As well as the usual poor battery performance, the camera has started playing up. I am regularly getting purple lines across the picture and these usually end up on the finished photo. I’ve tried the various reset options which fixes the problem for a while. According to the forums this is most likely a hardware problem so I’ll need to get to an apple store sometime.

However, due to many reasons, I have purchased a new phone. Reverting back to the andriod platform, I’ve gone for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which should arrive tomorrow ( Monday ). In the meanwhile I’m using my old HTC Sensation, trying out various apps that I’ll need for the walk next weekend.

I’ll be using…

  • phone – obviously. Hopefully I’ll have my usual number ported over before the weekend
  • facebook / twitter – to keep in touch
  • endomondo – not as good as MotionX-GPS but I haven’t found anything better to replace it with.
  • Sceenshot from Real Time GPS website
  • real time GPS Tracker – a simple app that will display my position in a web browser. Unlike some other apps there is no need to sign up to view my whereabouts. Just click on this link to see where I am and where I’ve been. There’s also the ability to send messages both ways.

I’ll still be taking my external battery packs to keep the S4 topped up but I’m not expecting the same charging problems as the temperamental iPhone.

Training-wise, I’ll be walking to The Griffin this evening, arriving around seven o’clock and hopefully getting a lift home from Sue. Next week will just be a few maintenance walks to keep the legs moving with rest days on Thursday and Friday.

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  1. Still in the Griffin I see. My works phone was a Blackberry that would last 4-5 days before charging. We have been upgraded to iPhones (they are several generations behind the times) and now it rarely lasts the day. I see your reason for carrying battery packs.

    Still need that drink with you by the way!


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