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During my walks, I track my progress with an iPhone app called MotionX-GPS. This is similar to endomondo but has a few useful bits, including…

Better Speech
The speech on endomondo is synthesised and can sound a bit rough but the voice on MotionX-GPS is much more life-like.

Live Maps
People can follow you on endomondo but only if they have an account. MotionX-GPS enables anyone with the correct channel number to follow you. I have chosen channel 1491314th of the 9th month, 2013, the date of the Thames Path Challenge.
I’ll be going live on all my walks from now on so if you want to see where I am, go to the MotionX-GPS website and select channel 14913. If I’m out and about, you should see where I am ( or where I’ve been ).

I now have a Griffin water-resistant case for the iPhone. This should keep most of the wet stuff out of the phone as I shall be using it on my walks for…

MotionX-GPS tracking
Phone calls ( on the day, calls will be most welcome )*
Blogging ( including video )
Facebook & twitter updates
Listening to music

A major problem that I am having with the iPhone is with the charging leads which I use to keep the phone charged from my external battery packs. I have managed to break four leads including a heavy duty coiled lead from Griffin.
I have just bought a job lot of TEN leads on ebay for a tenner so I’ll just carry a spare ( or two ). I have got into the habit of checking the battery status every hour while I’m out walking.

I mentioned above that I will be listening to music on the iPhone as I go along – any ideas as to what ( walking related ) tunes I should have on board ?

* If you want my phone number, email me at

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