Wet Warwickshire

Today is the second walk of this week’s back-to-back walks, thirty miles yesterday and another twenty today.

A wet start and a wet first six miles before the rain stopped and eventually the sun popped out. 

I got a lift to Ash Green, Coventry and left there just before eight, heading for Bedworth.

 From Bedworth, I squelched through Astley and Ansley. From here it was mostly quiet country roads to the villages of Nether Whitacre and Whitacre Heath before heading for Coleshill.

As I approached Coleshill, a quick bit of mental arithmetic told me that I could be a mile or so short so did a bit of detour, skirting around Water Orton, to make up the difference.

I arrived home some four and three quarters of an hour and twenty miles after setting off into the rain.

That’s this week’s long walks done and the weekly tally stands at seventy eight miles. I’ll have a rest day tomorrow and some light exercise on Sunday – perhaps a walk to The Griffin ?


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