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Six and a half weeks to go – it’s getting close :-/

I’ve clocked up another thirteen and a half miles this morning and I’m planning on a similar distance tomorrow night after work ( I’m finishing at 22:00 ). This will be along canals and other dark places to acclimatise myself to night walking so I’d better check the batteries in the head-torch ! Apart from attracting moths and other winged beasts the head-torch really lights up the real cats eyes. Just two glowing spots watching you walk by – spooky ! By the way, if moths like the light so much, why do they wait until it’s dark to come out ?

Continuing on the training theme, I bought a real OS map yesterday and have plotted what I think is the route for Sunday’s Dovedale Dipper.It certainly looks a long way on the map !

I have some very detailed instructions such as cross field to stile by large tree, but that’s hard to draw on the OS map. I’ve tried my best and I’ll make sure that the directions are at hand come the day. I have co-ordinates ( NGR ) for all of the checkpoints so I’ll program those into the Garmin ( more batteries to check ).

Just checked the weather forecast for Sunday and it could be a warm one.

Some good news – Just before noon, today, I had an email saying that some kind soul had donated £20 towards macmillan. This brings the total to £540 – wouldn’t it be nice to get that to £550 or even, dare I say it, £600 ?

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