Wet Wet Wet

No, it’s not a homage to an eighties pop band but a soggy tale of this morning’s walk and it’s subsequent effects.

After many days of really hot weather, it all changed very dramatically in the wee hours with torrential rain and a very impressive thunderstorm.

Due to an alarm clock malfunction, I was up and dressed before I realised that I must still have the alarm set for five instead of six. As I was now up, I breakfasted then made plans for a longer than usual walk into work ( eight miles )

I left home just before six in the dry but this only lasted a few minutes before the rains came down. I wasn’t wearing my usual gear but still had on quick-drying trousers and a technical top. After getting soaked, the rain eased off and after a few miles I had just about dried out.

I don’t tend to go in for for waterproofs, especially in the warmer month, as I get just as wet from sweat as I would from the precipitation so rely on wicking, quick drying clothes.

The walk proceeded fine after this and the cooler temperature was very welcome.

However as I approached the seven mile point, the sky had grown very dark indeed and it was obvious that a big downpour was imminent. 

The rain was first, followed by thunderbolts and lightening ( very, very, frightening… ) and in the last half mile I got absolutely soaked to the skin. I arrived at work looking like the proverbial drowned rat !

After getting rid of the surface water, I made my way to the boiler room ( lots of hot surfaces to dry clothes on ) and changed into the dry clothes in my rucksack. 

Unfortunately, I had already suffered some chaffage* to the inner thighs. I was quite surprised at this as I had worn these trousers on many wet occasions without incident. Wearing slightly damp jeans, now, did not help and only ample lashings of Vaseline helped, enabling me to gingerly walk around at work.

As an aside, jeans are probably the worst leg wear in rain as the cotton soaks up the water, becomes heavy and is like sandpaper on one’s nether regions – not recommended.

Somehow, I managed to survived a day at work before changing back into my dry clothes for the walk home. Even though I was well greased, it took a mile or so before settling into my normal pace clocking up another five and a half miles before arriving home. Luckily it didn’t rain but the temperature began creeping up again causing problems with sweating, instead.

Some points from today…

  • Getting wet can cause major problems
  • Jeans are a no-no
  • Vaseline vulnerable parts
  • You don’t need rain to cause problems, sweat can be as bad
  • Use a waterproof cover on your rucksack ( or stick contents in a bin bag )

I am writing this blog sat in my shorts with a fan cooling my chaffaging – nice !

* A variation of chaifing 


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