It’s all gone Pete Tong !

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Friday – Finishing work at 2:30pm and arranged with my other half, Sue, to meet her from work in Coventry at six. I had it all planned…

  • Leave Work
  • Go to bank to pay in collected sponsorship money
  • Go home, get changed and
  • Walk fourteen miles to Coventry

Well, that was the plan. This is what actually happened…

Left work at 14:30 ( so far, all going to plan ).
Got caught in traffic due to broken down van.
Arrived at bank to find myself at the back of a long queue.
Got home, changed, filled camelback and left for Coventry at 15:30 ( about half an hour later than expected ).

To make up some lost time, I decided to cut cross-country to Coleshill, knocking about a mile off. However, I hadn’t anticipated the recent growth in the flora and ended up getting my legs cut and stung ( again ) and having to wade through a field of waist high crops.
Although I had shortened the distance, it was very slow going and I was getting rather hot and bothered by the time I reached Coleshill ( 2.5 miles ).

I meant to hit the ATM in Coleshill but was still a tad wound up and totally forgot 🙁

Once on the other side of Coleshill, the terrain got easier and I was able to claw back some time by gradually picking up my pace.

During the leg from Coleshill to Fillongley I noticed that my phone had stopped charging from it’s battery pack. The problem was traced to a faulty charging lead – my third to fail.  I shut down the cellular connection to conserve power and what charge was in the phone held out until journey’s end – luckily.

Another fly in the ointment was when I stopped and bought an ice lolly at Fillongley ( 9 miles ) only to find that it must have, previously, melted and refroze resulting in an icy orange blob with a tiny piece of stick protruding. I managed to eat most of it but ended up with rather sticky fingers – not good.

During the recent, atypical, hot spell I have used the following technique to keep cool and hydrated whilst out walking…

  • I will fill my camelback as usual but add a handfull of ice cubes. They don’t last too long but it’s very refreshing to start with.
  • At any available shop, I will buy a bottle of water / isotonic drink and an ice cream or ice lolly, trying to keep my camelback in reserve. So far, with shops suitably situated, this strategy has worked very well.

Approaching Corley Services ( 11 miles ) I received a call asking where I was – it was now six pm – our agreed rendezvous time. I was still a couple of miles away so said that I’d be there within a half hour.

I finally arrived about twenty five minutes late. After relaying my tale(s) of woe, Sue took pity on me and dragged my to a local hostelry where, after a couple of pints of water to re-hydrate, I enjoyed a rather nice pint* of Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby.

Going forward, I need to sort out this recurring charger lead problem ( perhaps, taking a spare lead ). I should also take terrain into consideration before electing to wear shorts.

Apart from the problems ( “They’re not problems – they’re opportunities” ) it was a good walk; I managed to recover from my early setbacks and get back on the plan.

To further stress me, I walked into work this morning ( four miles ) and back ( another seven ) – the total for the back to back days of twenty four miles.

* Or two !!!

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