Kingsbury Parkrun

For those who don’t know, parkrun is a free series of events run every Saturday morning around the world. All the events are 5k in length and start at 9:00 ( except in Scotland, where it is 9:30 ). The events are run by volunteers but are accurately measured and timed.

The parkrun with which I am involved is run at Brueton Park in Solihull, where I usually take photos of the runners but I have run the course sixteen times.

This Saturday, a new parkrun starts at the picturesque Kingsbury Water Park. As part of their preparations, the organisers held a dress rehearsal tonight to check that everything was working ahead of the official start.

I lined up with around fifty other runners and ran the scenic course finishing in a watch-time of 23:16 on a very warm evening. In general, talking to runners afterward, the course was well liked and the event should be a success.

For more information on Kingsbury parkrun click here.

Here’s a view of the course ( numbers are miles covered )…


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