Since my last posting about new gear, I have had the chance to test it.

These arrived last Wednesday and after fully charging them, I charged my iPhone exclusively from one of the batteries. The big battery failed sometime on Sunday morning but my iPhone was almost fully charged when I woke.
I will, probably, take both of these 10,000mAh batteries with me and swap them over at the 50k point.
This way I can keep my phone fully charged enabling me to…

  • Answer calls / texts / whatsup messages
  • Use the GPS to track my walk
  • Provide live position updates
  • Listen to my bangin’ tunes ♫ ♫


I was away this last weekend testing our new tent ( I won’t be taking this along with me ! ) and went for a short ( 6.5 mile ) walk on Saturday wearing the new rucksack. After making a few adjustments I can report that the bag works fine.

Sunday, I had the opportunity of a lift to Coventry so that I could walk back ( 14 miles ) and give the rucksack ( and other bits of kit ) a bit of a test.

The rucksack has small pockets in the waistband – not much use on the move as it is very difficult to access them but I stuck one of the big batteries ( see above ) in the right hand pocket with a short charging lead connecting to my phone which was in my trouser pocket – this worked very well.

The scarpa trail shoes seem to be alright but I have been experiencing some minor pains in my feet and right knee. Not sure if this is a fault with the shoes or just a symptom of the miles that I’m walking. I’ll need to keep an eye on these !


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