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Seventy two days to go.

I have recently bought some new kit, including…

scarpa trail running shoes
osprey kestral rucksack
2 10,000mAh batteries

These items and stuff already owned are currently being tested so that any niggles can be identified and remedied before the event.

Accommodation is all sorted.

Fundraising is progressing slowly – £250 so far – perhaps I need to push this a bit more. I’m receiving a few cash donations at work which I shall pay into the bank when a paying-in slip arrives from macmillan. This will ensure that these monies will go towards my total. As a reminder, I am pledged to raise at least £400. I have had a tentative OK from work to my request for sponsorship from the company but nothing has materialised yet – they’ve probably got more important things to worry about !

I’m off to Arran of the west coast of Scotland on Saturday. I’ve a half marathon to run on Sunday and lots of glorious hills to walk later in the week.

The training is going well. I’ve got some long walks planned including a twenty six miler around Dovedale in the Peak District at the beginning of August and another twenty six around Sandwell later in the month. This will be my longest training walk as I’ll need to add another twelve miles to it ( probably walking to the venue ), keeping me on my feet for around ten hours that day. I also have a few back-to-back weekends with a long walk on Saturday and another on Sunday.

I’ve got to try and fit in a few night walks to get used to walking in the dark and test out my various head torches – must remember to take spare batteries !

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