Live Map

I use an app on my iPhone for tracking my walks called MotionX-GPS ( ). Similar to endomondo ( and many others ) but it has a much better voice and can save my walk data to Dropbox and send an email to my account. 

With sufficient battery power ( I’ve ordered TWO 10,000mAh external batteries for the iPhone ) I shall be using this app on the challenge to log my attempt.

Wearing my headphones, I will get an update every mile telling me how far I’ve gone, how long it’s taken and my average pace.

I can also listen to some motivational tunes and also take phone calls without having to remove the headphones or even touch the phone.

Another feature of the MotionX-GPS app is that it can broadcast my position ( as shown in the screenshot ) which can be viewed by anyone using a web browser so that my progress can be tracked ( I’m using channel 14913 – 14th September ’13 ).

During the walk, I would really welcome phone calls offering encouragement – I’ll distribute my number nearer the time.


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