The Other Centurions

Trawling the internet for training articles, I stumbled upon the Centurions1911 website ( ). These centurions are not the be confused with my running club – Centurion Running Club ( website ).

The Centurions1911 club is a race-walking club who specialise in walking 100 MILES ( not kilometres but big ol’ miles ) in under 24 hours – that’s nearly 4.2 mph or 14′ 24″ per mile ! Worse still, this is often done on a track – 400 laps !!!

However insane this concept may seem, the site has some very useful training tips including advice on nutrition, clothing, when to drink ( after 30 minutes then every 20 minutes ) and when to eat ( starting after a couple of hours ).

As in so much else that I have read lately, the site says that getting to the finish is very much down to the correct mental attitude ( not to be confused with being mental ! ). I have experienced this in running races when I think about just giving up and coming up with some lame excuse but so far have never given into temptation. Hopefully, I shall be able to tough it out come September.

Many sources suggest breaking the 100km into smaller chunks and taking them one at a time – only so far to the next check point, for example.


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