Training – Postponed

Since I started walking to work, at the start of the year, I hadn’t been training toward a specific goal, just getting a bit quicker and going a bit further week by week.

The Walk for Kids, focused my mind a little and I tried to get my long walk that much longer, culminating in a 17 mile walk from walk to, you guessed it, The Griffin.

Walking to work and back most days ( 3.5 miles each way ) and the longer walks paid off and I completed the Walk for Kids in 5 hours 35 minutes covering 23.65 miles, an average of 4.2 mph.

Once that was out of the way, I started some running training as I had signed up for the ISLE OF ARRAN HALF MARATHON earlier in the year and have until July 7th to get ready. As part of the preparation, I completed the TWO CASTLES 10k last Sunday between Warwick and Kenilworth Castles. A rather ‘undulating’ course but I managed to beat my previous 10k PB ( Personal Best ) by over a minute finishing in 47:54.

Then, I signed up for The Thames Path Challenge and have to combine my running and walking training.

For now, the running is to the fore as I have the ARDEN NINE in a week’s time ahead of my half marathon.


I have a cold – not the dreaded, nearly lethal Man-Flu.
I knew that something was brewing as my walk last night felt harder than it should.

Anyway, I just did not feel like running ( should have been 3 miles ) or even walking, especially after a day at work so have swapped today with tomorrow’s rest day.

There has been a lot of discussion about whether one should run when feeling under the weather and many swear by the NECK TEST. If the symptoms are above the neck – runny nose, sore throat, thick head – you should be alright exercising. Below the neck – chesty cough, achy limbs – give it a rest. Unfortunately, I fell into the latter category so no exercise today.

Next Few Days
Hopefully, I shall be walking to and from work tomorrow ( 7 Miles ) and perhaps have an easy 3 mile run when I get home.
Saturday will be walk to work and back ( 7 miles Walk ).
Sunday will, probably, be an early 6 to 7 mile run then, in the evening, a 6 mile walk to The Griffin (where I need to find out about a proposed MID-SUMMER WALK on Wednesday )


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