Here’s a Fiver

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My favourite watering-hole, The Griffin, is the destination of many a walk of mine. Usually, I will walk from work to the aforementioned boozer, clocking up anything from 8 to 17 miles depending on the route taken.

Tonight, it was eleven miles and I was greeted at The Griffin by Mrs. B. ( My lift home ).

I spoke to the gaffer, Michael, who is supporting my walk by allowing me to stick one of my posters up in the pub. No sooner had I pinned up my poster than a kindly gentleman ( who is possibly named Dave Senior )  approached me and thrust a fiver into my hand !

According to the Just Giving website, in situations like this, I am to pocket the money and make a donation in my name AND claim the gift aid – so Dave’s £5 is now worth £6.25 to Macmillan. Cheers Dave 🙂

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